Adult ADHD Studies

Midwest Research Group has been doing research for adult ADHD for over 15 years.  We conduct this research to find different options for people who continue to have ADHD symptoms, despite trying other medications.  Through our research, people are able to have medication options that are not available to the general public.  By providing the latest and most current medication options to people we are also providing hope that the future of ADHD medications can be a useful and integral part of a physician’s treatment for ADHD.

Greg Mattingly, MD was recently interviewed by Reuters and Med City News, among others, about the current and future state of ADHD research.  Read what he had to say:

Reuters article

Med City News

If participating in a research study sounds like it may be for you, please complete the form below or call Nicole at 636-946-8032.  There is no obligation at anytime.

Compensation for time and travel may be available